The Kingsland, Indiana Interurban Disaster of 1910

by Larry Plachno

PDF File of Article Available

On Wednesday, September 21, 1910, two interurban cars hit head on near Kingsland, Indiana killing 41 passengers and injuring seven more. It was the worst accident of the interurban era.

As with several other similar accidents, several things had to happen or go wrong to set the stage for this disaster. Included was the popular fair in Fort Wayne that required additional passenger capacity, the failure of the southbound crew to follow standard procedures, the differences between the two cars and the forested area that became a blind spot as the cars approached.

This review approaches the disaster from the perspective of the interurban electric railways. Information has been carefully assembled from the leading Interurban researchers and authors. In addition to a few historical photos, two maps are presented: one showing the line between Fort Wayne and Bluffton while the second map shows the area around Kingsland and the wreck site. No attempt has been made to get involved with genealogy other than information on the two interurban crews.

Click on the link below to download the PDF file covering the 1910 Kingsland Wreck.

The Kingsland, Indiana Interurban Disaster of 1910


Last updated 03/06/2021