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from the Slownik Geograficzny

The following listing on Borzecin appeared in the Slownik Geograficzny, a book published in the late 1800s which provided information on major communities in Poland. This was translated from the original Polish by Adele Miller for Larry Plachno.

Borzecin (with Borzecinek), village, district of Brzesko, in Galacia has an area of 9795 m. [morg] including 5182 morg of ploughland, 1035 meadows and gardens, 2018 pastures, 1560 morg of woods, 934 dm. [houses] and 4942 mk. [inhabitants].

The Parish is located in the Wojnicki dekanat (7108 believers). The Church was founded by Bishop of Krakow Bodzanta Jankowski in the year 1364, originally it was a wood structure, then from the 1618 built of bricks in the name of the Madonna (Narodzenie Najswietszej Panny).

At one time Borzecin was called Bodzewcin.

A home for the poor was established by the Bishop of Krakow in the year 1669 Jedrzej Trembecki for the support of the poor. Property of this foundation consists of 45 morg of fields, brick house and 1880 zlt. [Zloty Renski of Austrian Currency] and obligatory notes.

There was a Country school consisting of three classes, and an alcohol distillery.

This is one of the largest, most inhabited and of the richest villages in Galacia. Located on the plains of the river Uscwica. Seven kilometers from Slotwina. Has a very fertile soil for growing wheat.

This manor belongs to the Radlow family.

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